lars-åke olsson

In 1989, Lars-Åke (Lars to his English speaking friends), created Idsjöströmmen, Scandinavia's first catch-and-release river. For his efforts to restore and protect this section of the Gim River in northern Sweden he received the 1992 FFF Conservation Award. He continues to watch over Idsjöströmmen as a riverkeeper each year between May and September. As an author, Lars has written five books about fly fishing: Flugfiske i Fjällen, Ur Min Flugask, Gimåflugorna, Flugfiskeströmmar, Flugfiskets Mästare plus numerous articles for Swedish and international fishing magazines. He has also been featured in three DVDs and one DVD in English. His writing has also appeared in the anthologies: The World's Best Trout Flies, The Grayling, and Dream Fishing. A featured guest and fly tyer at international trade shows, Lars has also held numerous fly casting and fly fishing schools throughout Europe and the US. He has appeared several times as a featured guest on Swedish National TV and was profiled on PBS's Western States Fly-Fishing Journal.