idsjöströmmen nets

Made exclusively for us in Bozeman, Montana, by a master craftsman, Idsjöströmmen´s Fly Fishing offers a handsome landing net that is longer than most trout stream models in order to give fishers an added advantage in netting their catch sooner and with greater ease.

The Idsjöströmmen net is 25" long, constructed from North American ash* and cherry, making it strong, light, and durable. The handle length is 10", well balanced and the net opening is a teardrop shaped oval, 15" in length. The wood is sealed by marine spar varnish with a medium satin finish. It comes fitted with a magnetic quick and easy net release.

The net bags are specially manufactured of a fine soft mesh and feature a double taped flat center seam. This construction is gentle on fish and long lasting.

Net with magnetic net keeper: 1 325 SEK

Shipping charges are extra

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